About Us

Bella Luna in Merced gives customers a special experience tailor-made for Merced. This creation is inspired to generate an atmosphere in Merced that combines energy, excitement, and sophistication with genuine hospitality.

Situated in the heart of Downtown Merced, California— Bella Luna is a staple in this Valley City. Bella Luna was established in 1995 by Chef Vinnie DeAngelo, who had a vision to express beautiful Valley ingredients through classic Italian recipes. In its 25 years of business, Bella Luna has solidified itself as an institution in the city of Merced and will continue to be a driving force within the community for years to come.

Today, Bella Luna continues to serve high-quality Italian food made from ingredients of the Central Valley & Peninsula. Our menu is influenced by the rich cultures of Italy, drawing inspiration from different regions throughout Italy. The passion in our cooking has not only been nurtured by rich Italian cooking techniques, recipes, and ingredients; but has motivated us to innovate and put our own spin on classics.

The music may be loud and the conversation louder. You will have a sense of “home” within our walls.

Welcome to Bella Luna!

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